Ways to Save Fuel

Saving fuel in Alaska’s Interior can be a challenge. We offer a variety of tips and tricks that will help Fairbanks, Alaska, heating fuel customers maximize fuel efficiency and savings on heating oil costs. You can:

  1. Set your furnace 5 degrees cooler. This can save as much as 20% on your heating costs.
  2. Install heat-resistant radiator reflectors between exterior walls and radiators to reduce heat loss.
  3. Make the most of your heating and cooling by changing HVAC filters regularly and making sure that vents aren’t blocked by drapes or furniture.
  4. Leaking air ducts can allow more than half of the heat a furnace produces to escape before it reaches the living areas of your home.
  5. Seal leaks in ducts with tape to more efficiently heat your home.
  6. ENERGY STAR qualified furnaces can save as much as $200 annually on heating costs when compared to older, less efficient furnaces.
  7. ENERGY STAR furnaces also produce more heat from the same amount of fuel compared to less efficient furnaces.
  8. Schedule a burner/boiler inspection every year.
  9. An Annual Tune-up/Inspection will clean your system and improve heating efficiency, lowering your overall heating costs.

Protect your Home:

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with your heating system and where key components are located. These are things that every adult in the home should know:

  • Where the circuit panel is and what circuit breaker the system is on.
  • Where the switched power is located and what the on position is.
  • What the reset button looks like and where on your system it is located.
  • Where the dip stick for the tank is and what size tank you have.
  • What a zone valve is and what it looks like when it’s open and closed.
  • Where the heat circulation pump is and how to tell if it’s running.
  • Where the furnace temp gauge is and how to read it.

If you have any questions about your heating unit or are curious on other ways to save fuel, feel free to contact us. Our burner service technicians can also point various components out to you and educate you further during your next scheduled maintenance.

Our Fairbanks, Alaska, heating fuel services include auto fill options. Auto fill customers receive dependable delivery and a predictable schedule to ensure consistent heat all year long.